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Jobs In Food Manufacturing with Pamela Hopkinson

ONE business that has benefited from the backing of the GENESIS programme is food manufacturing recruitment website JIFM.

JIFM director Pamela Hopkinson had previously had a career in the customer services industry, with experience of a manufacturing environment. She had the idea for her recruitment business when her brother, who works in the food industry, suggested there should be a website for food professionals to view specific vacancies. Initially working with recruitment companies to build up a list of vacancies, Pamela has just landed United Biscuits as a client. Pamela says her next goal is to deal directly with the companies themselves: “Now that we’ve got a level of traffic we’re looking at dealing directly with the businesses themselves. “We’ve just redesigned the website.We have an email that jobseekers can register for and there’s an area for companies where they can go on, register and upload their details on a job by job basis,” said Pamela. For more information go to www.jobsinfoodmanufacturing.co.uk

Propolis Ltd with Sarah Valentine-Bull

AFTER a career helping businesses to streamline their back office processes and manage change, director Sarah Valentine-Bull set-up Propolis, Professional Services Limited (PPSL), to help others do the same.

Aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), PPSL provides a range of services including process improvements, customer journey enhancement, audit support, project management services, business performance support and efficiency improvements. Sarah joined the GENESIS programme in early 2014 after starting her business. She said: “Propolis supports business operations, enhancing their processes and supporting growth management. “I came from a business that grew from 75 employees to 450. One of the things that I love to do is support other people in improving what they do. I have been working intimately in this area for more than 20 years. “At the moment I’m looking to help businesses who are looking for support which will benefit their bottom line through streamlining their business operations.” For further information visit www.propolis-ps.co.uk

BUSINESS partners Kimb Jones and Matt Watson jointly own innovative web design and development agency, Make Do.

They enrolled on the GENESIS programme in late 2013 to help grow their company, which designs and creates websites, offering front end development, plugin and mobile optimisation services for web platform,Wordpress.The pair only build websites and provide web solutions to run on this platform, but as creative director Kimb explains, it powers a quarter of the web: “The fascinating thing about Wordpress is that 25 per cent of the web runs on it. “We are currently building a site for Rotherham Hospital due to launch at the end of April. “Our growth plan is to bid for big projects and get larger clients we can form a relationship with.We’ve done a lot of work for bigger clients already. Because of the nature of what we do we can take on national and international projects and can bid for things from anywhere in the world. “The support we’ve had from GENESIS has been great – particularly with the accountancy side of things. It has allowed us to concentrate on growing our business.” To learn more about Make Do go to http://makedo.in

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