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Propolis Testimonial

"I decided to rent at the BBIC because I wanted to be around people instead of working from home on my own. Being at the BBIC helps you to make contacts with people already in the centre. It also keeps you at the front of their minds if they see you every day and know what you do - it gives you great recognition."

Sarah Valentine-Bull, Propolis

TSL Recruitment Testimonial

"Being at the BBIC is a great advantage to our business. We can bring in professional visitors and candidates and they feel as though they're walking into a professional environment. We wanted something that would reflect our brand, image and values and the BBIC does that perfectly. We've decorated the office in our brand colours due to the flexibility of the office space available."

Simon Lally, TSL Recruitment

Silver Lady Testimonial

“When I decided to take a tenancy at the BBIC, I didn't fully appreciate all of the benefits that would come our way. The support, and the introductions have already made a big impact on the business. I would never have discovered the Leeds Skills Service and the associated funding on my own.

I would recommend any business to contact Lyndsey Maw [Operations Manager at the BBIC] about relocating here”

Rick Jennings, Director, Silver Lady

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