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Benefits of a Leased Line (click on the icon below)

We all know how important having fast reliable broadband is in business to get and stay online as well as upload and download information, if you use ‘normal’ broadband or fibre broadband and have multiple people online at the same time you could have slower speeds.

This isn’t the case with Leased Line broadband – your speed will stay the same no matter how many people are on the internet or what you up/download. Ethernet Line solutions are the next generation in business class connectivity. They are a scalable, reliable and a secure connectivity solution that provides extra flexibility to growing businesses.

An Ethernet Line is ideal if you need consistently high connectivity speeds with minimal down time, need to transfer sensitive data quickly from site to site or over the Internet or have high upload and download bandwidth requirements.

Benefits of Leased Line Broadband: 

Consistent internet connection speed
You decide your bandwidth
Reliable connection
Send data securely
Fast upload and download speeds of 1Mbps up to 1Gbps

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